The House Cafe is a not for profit cafe seeking to put back our earnings into the community of Ogden through the selling of coffee, pastries, teas, & more.

300+ Books

read to kids through the Early Learning Center 


given in teen scholarships for college, camps, & school activites

10,000+ Hours

 volunteer hours annually by both teens and adults alike.


invested back into the community through the operation of Teen Center Events, OCC Youth Night, and Community Events since 2017


A not for profit coffee shop That IS re-investing profits into our community.

Our mission is to combat generational and cyclical poverty in Ogden, Kansas. Poverty is often generational because of the mentality and behaviors children adopt through their developmental years, often times these behaviors are normalized in their homes and community. These behaviors lead to poverty and dependency as an adult. To counter this, we operate a non-profit coffee shop where students volunteer. Through this process, we mentor, influence, challenge, and confront behaviors and thought processes that contribute to a life of poverty. Profits, grants, and donations are also invested in the attached teen center used for youth activities, tutoring, and various community events to get our youth off the streets and into a safe and structured environment.

In November we opened a low-income childcare center to engage the “Poverty mentality” as young of an age as possible. We are income based and have built a curriculum specific to the issues that low-income children face. Through all of these efforts, our goal is to foster a spirit of independence and self-reliance so that these young adults are equipped and capable of providing for their own needs.


The House Cafe is a non-profit that is supported by you, the community. We’re growing more and more every day and looking for volunteers to expand The House Cafe into a recreational space for kids of all ages. If you’re looking to volunteer with us, please feel free to sign up online today!

Learn more about the Refuel Teen Center, and how we’ve provided
a fun, safe learning environment for kids of all ages.

Learn more about The Way Early Learning Center, where we provide early childcare services from newborns to toddlers.



SINCE 2014




Chris and Quinn begin praying about leaving their church and starting an organization that serves the needs of the community outside of a typical “church” structure after a workday with local youth.


the house cafe popup

Chris and Quinn, with the help of Barnabas Movement Inc., begin negotiations with a property owner in Ogden, KS. During this time, they begin demolition and cleanout of his property as negotiations progress. Meanwhile, The House Cafe starts as a “Popup” booth where students help sell bubble teas at various events.


the beginning for the house

A contract is finalized and construction is underway on the property that will become The House Cafe. The original design of the property (by the previous owner) was four apartment units. After purchasing the property, the first project is separating the building into two sections, setting aside one space for the future “Refuel” Teen center.


The house cafe opens

Construction finalizes and the House Cafe opens for business on August 30, 2017. Students begin volunteering in the coffee shop, earning promotions and earning a paid internship where they learn personal budgeting, bookkeeping, and take part in practice interviews, preparing them for a career and a life of independence.


beginning construction

Earlier than expected, the funds are raised to begin construction on the teen center, on the separate wing of the building. Starting the process over, demolition and cleanout begins so that construction can start.


The teen center opens

After over a year of construction the Teen Center opens, and is utilized for game nights, tutoring, pottery, and as a safe space for local youth to go.


THe covid year..

The Covid year. The teen center is used for tutoring and activities. Through this time we see many students become apathetic to school, attendance, and homework. Simultaneously the old gas station across the street goes up for sale, which prompts the vision of beginning a low income childcare center, to combat the poverty mentality before it starts, in November we purchase 301 Riley Ave and begin construction on a low income Childcare center.


Beginning again

Beginning over… Again, we begin the process of demolition and clean out of the property to prepare for construction. Just as the case was with 230 Riley (The House Cafe) the building is packed with items needing disposal, we spend the spring part of summer clearing out the building.



Construction is underway at the Early Learning Center, events are occurring at Refuel Teen center, and The House Care is growing as a small business. Many gears are turning in 2022 and this year the vision of changing a mentality before it starts is becoming a reality. At the end of 2022 (November), the income-based Childcare Center opens.



All three phases are in motion at this point in time. We are influencing the mentality, behaviors, and habits of kids from 2-18 years old. Our goal is to challenge these kids and teens to be reach their full potential, overcome obstacles, persevere, and adopt a spirit of excellence in everything they do.